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By the roadside # 1184
Munich (Obersendling)
The old Katzenberger concrete factory in the middle of Munich's Obersendling district becomes a temporary cultural area.

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The Big Picture for: topos – The International Review of Landscape Architecture and Urban Design
anja koller, topos / munich, germany
Feb 21, 2022
An abandoned industrial area in the south-west of the Bavarian capital of Munich, captured during the coronavirus pandemic by the German photographer Michael Nguyen. He shows a melancholic, even post-apocalyptic world in which all hope seems to be gone. The former concrete plant in the city district of Obersendling embodies emptiness, coldness, solitude. In his ongoing series BY THE ROADSIDE the photographer illustrates the fact that we can see beauty even within ugliness. We can do so by keeping our eyes open and viewing everyday life through the eyes of someone wandering along the roadside, between buildings or through abandoned places. We see footprints and all that remains after facilities are closed down. The great silence. At the second glance, however, there is something more, something beyond the melancholy of desertedness and emptiness, since abandoned industrial sites are spaces of opportunities and experimentation, too. The transformation of industrial sites always starts with the promise that everything is possible, that everything can happen right at this place. At the very least, there is the idealistic and somewhat naive idea of such a prospect, which only holds true until the real estate companies, venturers and investors arrive. topos Magazine issue 115: Right to the City

Topos is a must-have for successful landscape architects, planners, urban designers and architects all over the world.The monothematic issues provide a global overview of innovative projects, new developments and trends in the profession. 

Michael Nguyen | Nguyensminiaturen

Nguyensminiaturen, Photography by Michael Nguyen, Munich, Gauting
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