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 Facades: The Faces of Buildings Michael Nguyen...

Facades: The Faces of Buildings

Michael Nguyen
Facades in German towns and other European cities

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Summer 2024
Tartu: European Capital of Culture 2024
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  Michael Nguyen: By the Roadside I Photographs   Solo...

Michael Nguyen: By the Roadside I Photographs

Solo Exhibiton 

14.11.2023 - 16.1.2024 Berlin / Germany
Due to the great interest and positive feedback, the exhibition will be extended until January 16, 2024

The Begegnungsstätte Mehr Mitte of the Volkssolidarität Berlin e.V. is showing a window exhibition curated by Dr. phil. Lily Fürstenow, photographs from the photo series "By the Roadside" by Michael Nguyen from 14 November - 1 December 2023. The exhibition shows 30 photographs of facades taken in various German and other European cities. The curator Dr. phil. Lily Fürstenow is committed to promoting artists with her online exhibition  showing consequently international artists represented online in various exhibition contexts as for example e-mergING artiSTS in the current exhibition cycle Art in Public Spaces.

Curator Dr. phil. Lily Fürstenow studied foreign languages in Tbilisi Ilia Uni and got her PhD Degree at the Humboldt University Berlin in Cultural Studies. She has been awarded DAAD Scholarship for her PhD research, Deutscher Künstlerbund Bundesprogramm Neustart Kultur Scholarship for the promotion of digital formats of contemporary art and Sammlung Schirm Donation for the X-treme Women Art Prize Berlin 2022. She lives and works in Berlin and in Tbilisi.

Michael Nguyen: By the Roadside
Exhibition curated by Dr phil. Lily Fürstenow
Begegnungsstätte Mehr Mitte Volkssolidarität Berlin
Torstraße 190, D - 10115 Berlin

 Photography meets Science - Exhibition of Michael...

Photography meets Science - Exhibition of Michael Nguyen's Photographs at the Max Planck Institute in a Science Suburb of Munich: Clarity of Seeing, Fantasy of Interpretation

Solo Exhibiton 

24.10.2022 - 01.01.2023: Martinsried (Munich) / Germany

The Max Planck Institute for Biochemistry in Martinsried will show around 30 photographs by Michael Nguyen in an exhibition. Martinsried is one of the two science suburbs of Munich, a district of the municipality of Planegg in the district of Munich in Bavaria. The exhibition, which take place in the foyer of the Institute, “build a bridge between science and arts”. The exhibition shows works from 2020 - 2022, architectural objects, plays of light and shadow, reflections and architectures shot in different cities in Europe. More

Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry | Foyer
Am Klopferspitz 18 | D-82152 Martinsried

  Exhibition Michael Nguyen "In the Realm of...

Exhibition Michael Nguyen "In the Realm of Reflections and Lights" at Gauting Town Hall (Greater Munich) as part of the awarding of the Günther Klinge Culture Prize 2021

Solo Exhibiton 

26.7.2022 - 8.9.2022: Gauting (Munich) / Germany

As part of the awarding of the Günther-Klinge-Prize 2021, a six-week solo photo exhibition can be admired in the town hall of the municipality of Gauting. Michael Nguyen was awarded the Günther Klinge Culture Prize 2021 by the municipality of Gauting for special achievements in photography. Since 1980, the municipality of Gauting has awarded the Günther Klinge Culture Prize, endowed with 3,000 euros, to individuals or groups for outstanding cultural achievements who are connected to the municipality of Gauting through their life and work. It is named after the entrepreneur, patron of the arts and honorary citizen of Gauting Günther Klinge, who died in 2009 at the age of 99. The public award ceremony will take place end of June 2022. On exhibit are 15 large-format photographs from Michael Nguye’s series "In the Realm of Reflections and Lights”.

Gemeinde Gauting | Rathaus Gauting (City Hall of Gauting)
Bahnhofstr. 7 | D-82131 Gauting

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 Michael Nguyen: By the Roadside  Solo Exhibiton ...

Michael Nguyen: By the Roadside

Solo Exhibiton 

8.3.2022 - 5.5.2022: Gauting (Munich) / Germany

The exhibition at bosco shows for the first time photographs from the photo series "By the Roadside" by Michael Nguyen, winner of the Günther-Klinge Culture Award of the Municipality of Gauting 2021

Gauting in the window The exhibition is accompanied by an "On the Road window screening", which presents a selection of Gauting images at the entrance of the bosco

Special guest of the exhibition is the Gauting artist, Susanne Kotrus, who artistically presents photographs from the series "By the Roadside" by Michael Nguyen in transfer lithographs.

bosco, Bürger- und Kulturhaus Gauting
Oberer Kirchenweg 1, D-82131 Gauting

 Nature is within us - Photo Paintings by Michael Nguyen...

Nature is within us - Photo Paintings by Michael Nguyen in a permanent exhibition

Solo Exhibiton 

Permanent: Gauting (Munich) / Germany

What is outside is no longer outside. Trees, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes. Michael Nguyen has transformed these elements in his artworks into feelings, fantasies and dreams. They become part of our inner nature, part of the human soul.Through the subjective lens, Michael Nguyen gives all a new perspectives, a new soul.

“Michael Nguyen's photography is the art of showing more than you can see. Making visible - worshipping the invisible, he walks with the third eye of a wanderer through the visual adventure of life.”

His works does not reflect reality but are the interpretation of a moment. In his art photography, the work is often created by making changes to the original photograph in image editing programs, where the creativity of the artist knows no bounds.

In my Photographic Paintings from my series "Nature is within us"  I work out a distinctive aesthetic effect of my pictures. Most of the motifs are outside, in daylight. Among my most popular motifs here are landscapes, riversides, forests. In the seasons autumn and spring I find the most popular moods for me. Characteristic for my pictures of this portfolio are blurred, blurred contours, sometimes scattered light and often the renunciation of the reproduction of details, similar in style to a painting.

This pictures taken in and around Gauting and in the Starnberg district - Gauting is a city in the Upper Bavarian administrative district of Starnberg and lies southwest of Munich on the river Würm.

Permanent Exhibiton at
City Hall of Gauting (Rathaus Gauting)
Bahnhofstr.7, D-82131 Gauting

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 Frames - PhotoArt by Michael Nguyen  Solo...

Frames - PhotoArt by Michael Nguyen

Solo Exhibiton 

1.12.2019 - 29.2.20: Krailling / Germany

We live in frames and we see this world in frames. Frames made of our flesh and bones, of our attachments & possessions. Frames made of social conventions, of our biases, of our prejudices. Frames made of our fear, hatred, and misery. They protect us, support us but also constrain and imprison us. They hold us back from seeing what's true and what's beyond the horizon of our mortality, of our limited perspective. But we can escape, we can break those concrete walls, reach out and touch infinity or something we don't know yet. Because they cannot contain our wildest dreams, our larger than life imagination, our deepest hope, our unshakable faith, our truest compassion and immense love for someone. Those things set us free and then we can see the frames that we used to live in.

Atelierhaus Krailling
Justus-von-Liebig-Ring 11, D-82152 Krailling

 Mit dem dritten Auge eines Wanderers durch das visuelle...

Mit dem dritten Auge eines Wanderers durch das visuelle Abenteuer des Lebens - PhotoArt by Michael Nguyen

Solo Exhibiton 

3.11.19 - 29.11.19: Krailling / Germany

Michael Nguyen's photography is the art of showing more than you can see. Making visible - worshipping the invisible, he walks with the third eye of a wanderer through the visual adventure of life.

Atelierhaus Krailling
Justus-von-Liebig-Ring 11, D-82152 Krailling

 The world and everyone we haven‘t known (in this...

The world and everyone we haven‘t known (in this life) - Photographs by Michael Nguyen

Solo Exhibiton 

23.9.19 - 21.10.19: Tartu / Estonia

On the streets, in the museum, on the river banks, in the woods, underground. We meet them everywhere. We don't talk to them, we just watch them doing whatever they are doing. We don't ask ourselves what they are thinking or what their lives are like. We just like those moments and capture these. Because we want them in our memories. And maybe those people are not strangers. Maybe we know them in other lives. The woman in front of the news-stand could be our mother. The homeless man could be our husband. The girls in the lunch break could be our sisters. Maybe someday we know them again in this life or the life after. But right now we miss them.

Cafe Ruunipizza
Raekoja plats 6, 51003 Tartu, Estland

Group Exhibitons (Selection)

        SIENA AWARDS Open Air Exhibiton   during the...

SIENA AWARDS Open Air Exhibiton during the SIENA AWARDS Festival with a photo artwork by Michael Nguyen

Michael Nguyen is part of an open-air photography exhibition titled "Chiusdino❤️creative" in the medieval village of Chiusdino, Toscana in Italy from July 8, 2023, until November 19, 2023. The event is organized by SIENA AWARDS who will exhibit Michael Nguyens‘s Photo Artwork „An uncertain future“ during the SIENA AWARDS Festival.  The exhibition will showcase the fusion of photographic art and the urban environment, creating a unique and magical atmosphere that will leave a lasting impression on every visitor.

The charming medieval village of Chiusdino will be home to the “Chiusdino Creative” photo exhibition, an enchanting open-air display that blends photographic art with the urban environment, making it one of a kind. Large photographic prints displayed on the walls of homes, palaces, and historic buildings of the village will transform every corner of Chiusdino into an exhibition space that creates a magical and fascinating atmosphere.

The exhibition aims to raise public awareness on social and ecological issues through exhibition solutions that highlight the power of photography as a means of protest and engagement, offering a deep reflection on contemporary society.

Absolutely not to be missed for anyone interested in immersing themselves in a visual and reflective experience within one of the most charming medieval villages of the Sienese territory.

Period: July 8th – November 19th2023
Location: historic center of Chiusdino
Opening Time:
Friday: 03:00 pm-07:00 pm
Saturday-Sunday: 10:00 am-07:00 pm
Holidays: 10:00 am-07:00 pm
  Group Exhibiton     Meyr‘s Hotel / Berlin
Group Exhibiton 
Meyr‘s Hotel / Berlin
  Group Exhibiton     Bavarian State Ministry...
Group Exhibiton 
Bavarian State Ministry for 
Family, Labour and Social Affairs / Munich
  Group Exhibiton     Haleh Gallery / Berg...
Group Exhibiton 
Haleh Gallery / Berg (Starnberg)
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