Image: Michael Nguyen working in Leipzig, Photo by Thanh Tung

About Michael Nguyen

In addition to his artistic activities, Michael Nguyen is Editor-in-chief of the online magazine for photography and art: Tagree

In his photographs most of the time, Michael Nguyen focuses on small, ordinary things but through the subjective lens, he give them new perspectives, a new soul.

Michael Nguyen is a photographic poet who moves away from the mainstream, at the same time blurs genres. “Our head is round so that thinking can change direction” - a sentence by the writer and artist Francis Picabia that shaped Nguyen until today.

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About the Series “By the Roadside”

The series "By The Roadside" with its various parts is Michael Nguyen's most important field of work.

If we walk with our eyes open, we can see interesting, beautiful, and also ugly things along the road every day. And if we walk with not only with our eyes but also with our heart and mind open, you will discover a world that would otherwise remain closed to us. Sometimes spectacular. Sometimes ordinary but surprisingly miraculous. Be it a look into a garage, a view onto the riverbank, the bus stop before the chewing gum vendor machine, or just a footprint somebody has left on the opposite side of the pavement. Michael Nguyen accompanies us on little journeys through places in Germany, Italy and Austria, and elsewhere, to discover what the random walk leads us to. “By the Roadside" consists several parts Which are shown in the menu portfolios.

Surprisingly miraculous ongoing
For the part "Surprisingly miraculous"of the series, Michael Nguyen roams through various cities in Germany, Austria and Italy in the years 2021 and 2022. Michael Nguyen's works show the view of our surroundings such as architectural objects, streets and the small details.

The World and Everyone We Haven't Known - in this Life 
focuses primarily on people in times of Corona pandemic. Michael Nguyen’s work is portraying human conditions in a very human and touching way.

The World and Everyone We Haven't Known - in this Life (2) ongoing
In the second part (late 2021 and in 2022) Michael Nguyen shows also people on the streets, on playgrounds, on the river banks, in the train, we meet them everywhere. We don't talk to them, we just watch them doing whatever they are doing.

Small Things (1) ongoing
In the ongoing series "Small things," which features work from 2020 on Michael Nguyen shows the small things on the side of the road. We often do not notice them in our everyday stress, pass them on the way to work, while shopping, even while walking when our thoughts are preoccupied with our live.

Calmness in Sight ongoing
which features work from 2019 on and shows architectural objects, street and the little details and scenes around us taken in various cities. Many of this pictures primarily show outdoor shots of urban design at the intersection of architecture, urban planning and sociology.

The Special in the Incidental ongoing
Michael Nguyen is looking for encounters with the most worth seeing, the special and the unusual on the streets of various cities in Germany and some neighboring countries.

In the Realm of Reflections ongoing
In his ongoing part "In the Realm of Reflections" of the series By the Roadside, Michael Nguyen shows reflections in the mirror, on the water and on any shiny surface.

The Poetry of Shadows ongoing
About his ongoing part "The poetry of shadows" of By the Roadside, Michael Nguyen says: “I love shadows when they go together with light. Light and shadow are all about photography. It’s like yin and yang, disorder and order, fire and water. The interplay between those elements makes everything interesting. The light gives birth to shadow. And in shadows, we can conjure up what is there. With less information, that’s why a lot of imagination.”

In addition to these parts, five portfolios are presented in the Features Section that have a special focus 

Without us - Corona Pandemic ongoing
primarily focuses on urban landscapes and urban spaces in various cities that have lain fallow since Covid-19

Werksviertel Munich - An exciting urban development project with ephemeral street art

The Werksviertel, a beloved alternative scene for local street artists and innovators shows a place which is going since years under modernization and was a creative ruin. Converted industrial buildings and numerous new buildings provide architectural exclamation points and a metropolitan field of tension.

World in Reflection
shows the summer pool Gauting (where Mark Spitz trained during the 1972 Munich Olympics). Nguyen dives into a fascinating world of water reflections.

Yawning Emptiness
shows the area in front of Munich's Allianz Arena, FC Bayern Munich's soccer stadium, during the Corona Lockdown. Where tourists and fans usually bustle about, craftsmen and employees work, snack bar owners make preparations and cars park in the parking lots as early as noon, there is a yawning emptiness.

The Power of Design and the contradictions between art and life shows the colorful exterior facade of the MIRA Shopping Mall in Munich. In an impressive way, Michael Nguyen presents us with this photo series of a building as a work of art and thus points us to the power of design but also to the contradictions between art and life.
Michael Nguyen, working in Munich for his series “By the roadside” Photo by Thanh Tung

"With my camera, I capture little things that we often don't notice in everyday life. I also like to observe people and photograph them in everyday situations“.— Michael Nguyen

By the Roadside

Nguyensminiaturen Photography by Michael Nguyen Munich By The Roadside
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