Art and Documentary Photography - Loading By_the_roadside___754_Gauting_(Freibad._Warten_auf_den_Sommer).jpeg

Summer Outdoor Pool Gauting.
Photo by Michael Nguyen
© Michael Nguyen / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Art and Documentary Photography - Loading By_the_roadside___2366_-_Nuremberg_(Children_House_Nuremberg__D__rschinger_Architekten__F__rth)____Michael_Nguyen_VG_Bild-Kunst__Bonn.jpg

Part of the façade of the Children House Nuremberg.
Photo by Michael Nguyen
© Michael Nguyen / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Art and Documentary Photography - Loading By_the_roadside___1442_Munich_(Allianz_Arena).jpg

Red resting seats and high Service Point sign on the Allianz Arena outdoor area. A sunny day during the Corona Lockdown on the forecourt in front of the Munich Allianz Arena, soccer stadium of FC Bayern Munich with 75,021 seats. It was the venue for the 2006 soccer World Cup. Where tourists and fans usually bustle about, craftsmen and employees work, the snack bar owners make preparations and cars are already parked in the parking lots at noon, there is yawning emptiness.
Photo by Michael Nguyen
© Michael Nguyen / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Art and Documentary Photography - Loading By_the_roadside___1299____Michael_Nguyen___VG_Bild-Kunst__Bonn.jpg

The Mira shopping center in the Munich district Nordhaide. Part of the facades was made of colored lacquered metal panels which were placed on the walls to form prisms. awarded with the “DGNB Gold Award for sustainable buildings" in 2009. The shopping centre was planned by Chapman Taylor. The responsible project architect there was Ruprecht Melder. Léon-Wohlhage-Wernik Architekten was responsible for the façade design.
Photo by Michael Nguyen
© Michael Nguyen / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Art and Documentary Photography - Loading By_the_roadside___1526_Munich_(Allianz_Arena).jpg

Large parking lot in the outdoor area of the Allianz Arena.
Photo by Michael Nguyen
© Michael Nguyen / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Art and Documentary Photography - Loading By_the_roadside___1965_Munich_.jpg

A container complex with temporary studios has been created in Munich. The individual containers are painted in different colours facing the street.
Photo by Michael Nguyen
© Michael Nguyen / VG Bild-Kunst, Bonn

Events News
Exhibiton report: Looking Deeper by Sabine Zaplin
sabine zaplin
Mar 9, 2022
Nothing has a more healing effect in the current situation in Ukraine, which is causing so much pain and fear than the sight of clear structures. Michael Nguyen's photographs, curated for the exhibition "By the Roadside," which opened Tuesday evening (March 8, 2022) at bosco in Gauting, (Greater Munich), were taken during the first lockdown in the Corona pandemic, that other still-present crisis.

Michael Nguyen: By the Roadside

at bosco / Gauting, Germany

The photographer, who was awarded the Günther Klinge Culture Prize of the municipality of Gauting for his work last year, took extensive walks through his hometown of Gauting in the spring of 2020, as he did through other areas in Bavaria, neighboring Austria, and also Italy. In the process, he came across urban places that, at first glance, told of the absence of the people who usually move here in very large numbers and at a pace dominated by everyday life. A shopping mall in Munich. A collection of containers. The large parking lot in front of the Allianz Arena. All deserted. At second glance, however, all the large-format detail shots radiate a profound dignity, as if the places themselves were the actors in contemporary events. As if they were first taking a deep breath in this captured moment, right into the belly of the cities.

There is the picture showing a red bench in the Allianz Arena, bordered on the left by the white information mast with its spherical top. A blue sky that seems almost unreal delimits the red bench above. Clear lines, intense colors offer the eye points of rest and let us look deep inside.

There is a picture showing the facade of the Nuremberg Children's House: red and blue rectangles, over which a white and black rhombus slides and, also rhombus-shaped, cuts out parts of the red and blue rectangles. One thinks of Kandinsky, of Mondrian. And again forms, color, structure create stopping points for a rest in looking, invite to meditation.

Michael Nguyen's photographs direct the viewer's attention to the details in the architecture of our cities, of our living spaces in general, which have been reduced to their essence. By focusing on the chosen detail, the gaze is directed without the chosen detail being exaggerated in its significance. The interpretation and thus the determination of the meaning is left to the viewer, who cannot escape the intense looking.

Visitors to Gauting, in particular, can experience their living space in a completely different way, en detail: at the rear entrance to the bosco, a selection of Nguyen's photographs of Gauting can be seen on a screen under the keyword "Gauting in the window": the train station building, a mannequin on the Würm, various chewing gum vending machines in the districts. If you simply want to take a look at what is special in the omnipresent, you can experience this with "Gauting in the Window" without going inside the Kulturhaus.

But if you go inside, you will see much more. The picture of the abandoned summer pool, for example, where reflections on the surface of the water shift the perspectives into the ambiguous. "Like the rest of us, this summer pool is on hold until the warmer months," Nguyen notes of it, "The reflections on the surface of the water, the bare trees nearby, and the drifting leaves make it seem as if the outdoor pool, like us, is waiting for better days."

Sabine Zaplin lives as a freelance author and cultural journalist near Munich. Her debut novel "Engelsalm" (C.H. Beck) was supported by a literary grant from the City of Munich. In addition to prose, Sabine Zaplin also writes poetry, plays and translates from English. She works as a freelance journalist for Bayerischer Rundfunk, among others.

Note from the Event Organizer:
Immediately after the event, professional cultural journalists* write an independent critique of each Theaterforum event. This review contains exclusively the opinion of the authors.

Article in German

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Nguyensminiaturen, Photography by Michael Nguyen, Munich, Gauting
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