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© Michael Nguyen, VG BildKunst, Bonn ADAC Headquarters Munich by Sauerbruch Hutton

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For ArchEyes Magazine: Melodic Rhythms, geometric Ornamentation, Play of Colors and cheerful Dynamics
michael nguyen
Mar 24, 2023

Michael Nguyen has expertly captured the Masterpieces of Facade Art by Architects Matthias Sauerbruch and Louisa Hutton, including iconic structures like the Munich Re in Munich, the ADAC Headquarters in Munich, the M9 Museum in Venice, the GSW Headquarters in Berlin, and the Brandhorst Museum in Munich.

The ADAC headquarters in Munich is also a virtuoso on this stage. Michael Nguyen shows us how elegant sweeps and large flat grid surfaces correspond with each other. Color contrasts between grey, yellow, violet, and green also provide melodic rhythms here. The rediscovery of the ornament, born out of the geometry of modern building methods, creates cheerful animation. And again we are reminded of the classics of modernism, especially when the photographer places us in the ideal vantage point in front of a 91-segment section of the facade and shows us the sophistication of the color combination in the sequence of the basic forms, each consisting of 5 partial elements. Here, too, an enchanting rhythm emerges from the variation. Melodic rhythms, geometric ornamentation, a play of color, and cheerful dynamics, we also find all of these in the other pictures of Nguyen’s Sauerbruch Hutton buildings.

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