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By the roadside # 3189 - Leipzig
A man in an electric wheelchair sits in front of the water basin at the Monument to the Battle of the Nations in Leipzig and looks out over the water. Next to him the shadow of a large tree.

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Photo © Trieste Photo Days / Exhibit Around

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Photo © Trieste Photo Days / Exhibit Around

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By the roadside # 3200 - Leipzig

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Michael Nguyen is featured with three photographs in the book publication Mythography Vol.2: Apollo and Pluto - Exhibition in Trieste, Italy
michael nguyen
Oct 29, 2022
Location: Trieste, Italy
Launched in 2021, Mythography is a series of collective photographic books freely inspired by Greek and Roman mythology, which lead to exhibitions and conferences in the international setting of Trieste Photo Days.

After the first volume dedicated to Mars, Saturn and Neptune, Mythography – Vol. # 02 focuses on the figures of Apollo (god of the Sun and Art, representing the themes of color and light, art and abstract photography ) and Pluto (god of shadows, which symbolize night photography, black and white, shadows and silhouettes).

The Italian master of photography Nino Migliori is the guest of honor of the book. The scientific consultant is Enrico Medda, professor of Greek literature at the University of Pisa, who has already collaborated on the first volume of the series.

The volume includes photos and projects by authors from all over the world, selected through a free open call on the Exhibit Around platform.

Exhibition during the Trieste Photo Days

from 28 October to 27 November 2022
Palazzo Gopcevich, Sala “Attilio Selva”
Via Gioachino Rossini 4 – Trieste, Otaly

Opening hours:
Tuesday to Sunday, from 10am to 5pm

In partnership with Nino Migliori Foundation
Curated by Enrico Medda, Professor of Greek literature at the University of Pisa

On view photos by: Alain Schroeder, Alexandre Chaym, Antonio Lorenzini, Beatrice Ius, Cam Crosland, Cristiano Zingale, Daniela Errico, Fabiana Sala, Francesca Pompei, Georg Worecki, Giuseppe Sabella, Giustina Wind, GM Sacco, István Szőnyi, Jim Lustenader, Jose Gaston Barriga, Livio Morabito, Maria Kremneva, Mariya Tatarnikova, Martin Kesting, Massimo Tabasso, Mathieu Degrotte, Mauro Fumagalli, Michael Nguyen, Michal Vörös, Nurlan Tahirli, Nyani Quarmyne, Patrizia Chiarparin, Ploutarcos Haloftis, Rose Battistella, Samanta Krivec, Samantha Degrassi, Selina Bressan, Silvia Abbiezzi, Syaraf Syarafuddin, Valentina D’Alia, Valentina De Santis, Viet Van Tran, Vladislav Shapovalov.

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