Michael Nguyen is member of FREELENS - Professional Association of Photojournalists, Germany.

Facades Architecture. Fascination of the Faces of Buildings

In architecture, the term facade refers to the outwardly visible wall surfaces of a building that communicate with the viewer and tell stories. In most of his photographs, Nguyen does not show an overall view of a building, but a look at the details and particularities. For Michael Nguyen, buildings are sculptures that show the viewer five facades, four side walls and the roof. View

The Lyricism of Shadows

“I love shadows when they go together with light. Light and shadow are all about photography. It’s like yin and yang, disorder and order, fire and water. The interplay between those elements makes everything interesting. The light gives birth to shadow. And in shadows, we can conjure up what is there.” View

Calmness in Sight

Michael Nguyen is a flâneur.  In the ongoing part „Calmness in Sight“ which features work from 2018 on Michael Nguyen shows architectural objects and the little details around us taken in various cities. For him, architectural photography has exclusively an artistic function that interprets a building in a way that deliberately deviates from reality. Cityscapes, city views, individual architectural objects, architectural details, street furniture, street art, monuments, interior views are his topics. Many of this pictures primarily show outdoor shots of urban design at the intersection of architecture, urban planning and sociology. View

In the Realm of Reflections

We can only see ourselves through reflections. In the mirror, on water, and on every shiny surface. The truth is, our reflections are coming from anything that reflects light, which is everything not completely dark. So we see ourselves in the meat we eat, in the wine we drink, the job we do, in the clothes we wear, in our parents, our children, our friends, in the closets. In others’ eyes as well in their words and actions. To us and to themselves. We can even see the past through its reflections coming from a billion light-years. The world is somehow our own reflection. View

The Beauty of the Art of Architecture

The art with the classical genre of architecture and its forms of expression is the focus of Michael Nguyen's series. Nguyen's photography is not architectural photography commissioned by architects or the building industry. The buildings are not photographed in their ideal state and thus do not have the function of showing appreciation of the property. Michael Nguyen's images have exclusively an artistic function. View

Small Things (1)

In the ongoing series "Small things," which features work from 2021 on Michael Nguyen shows the small things on the side of the road. We often do not notice them in our everyday stress, pass them on the way to work, while shopping, even while walking when our thoughts are preoccupied with our lives. View

Seduction through the Geometric, the Regular, the Symmetrical

The pictures confront us with unique views of elements. They focus on the colors and shapes in detail and leave aside the manifold abundance of the surroundings. In this way, they unfold the power of the Particular: Something familiar, but exactly like this we have not seen things before. Nguyen likes to play with the seduction of the geometric, the regular, the symmetrical. View

Magic Play of Light

Especially in summer there are play of light to discover everywhere. For his ongoing part "Magic Play of Light" of his series By the Roadside Michael Nguyen shows the power and calmness of the Light. View

Surprisingly miraculous

For the ongoing part "Surprisingly miraculous" of the series, Michael Nguyen roams through various cities in Germany, Austria, and Italy in the years 2021 and 2022. As in his series “The Special in the Incidental“, Nguyen's new works show the view of our surroundings such as architectural objects, streets, and small details. View

The Special in the Incidental

In the ongoing part „The Special in the Incidental“ Michael Nguyen seeks encounters with what is worth seeing in detail. His photographs show us buildings, streets, staircases, vehicles, and people of the kind we might come across at any time by chance in our everyday lives. View

The World and Everyone we haven't known (in this Life) - 2

In the ongoing 2nd part of „The World and Everyone we haven’t know (in this life)“ Michael Nguyen shows also people on the streets, on playgrounds, on the river banks, in the train. We meet them everywhere. We don't talk to them, we just watch them doing whatever they are doing. View


The World and Everyone we haven't known (in this Life) - 1

In the ongoing part „The World and Everyone we haven’t know (in this life“ Michael Nguyen shows people on the streets, on playgrounds, on the river banks, on forecourts, at bus stops, at beaches, underground. We don't ask ourselves what they are thinking or what their lives are like. We just like those moments and capture these. Because we want them in our memories. And maybe those people are not strangers. Maybe we know them in other lives. View
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Michael Nguyen | Nguyensminiaturen

Nguyensminiaturen, Photography by Michael Nguyen, Munich, Gauting
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