Begegnungen am Straßenrand: Fotoausstellung im Bosco

Die große Menschenleere in der Pandemie und noch viel mehr hat der Gautinger Foto-Poet Michael Nguyen eingefangen. Seine Bilder sind nun im Bosco zu sehen.

12.3.2022 by Christine Cless-Wesle

Ausstellung: Das Leben hinter der Fassade

Der Gautinger Fotograf Michael Nguyen zeigt im Kulturhaus Bosco Aufnahmen, die Motive am Straßenrand in ungeahnter Schönheit abbilden.

10.3.2022 by Blanche Mamer

Tiefer schauen

Nichts wirkt heilender in der gegenwärtig für so viel Schmerz und Angst sorgenden Situation in der Ukraine als der Anblick von klaren Strukturen. Michael Nguyens Fotografien, kuratiert für die am Dienstagabend im bosco eröffneten Ausstellung „By the Roadside“, entstanden während des ersten Lockdowns in der Corona-Pandemie, jener anderen noch immer gegenwärtigen Krise. Der Fotograf, der für seine Arbeit im vergangenen Jahr mit dem Günther-Klinge-Kulturpreis der Gemeinde Gauting ausgezeichnet wurde, hat im Frühjahr 2020 ausgedehnte Spaziergänge durch seinen Wohnort Gauting wie durch andere Gegenden in Bayern, dem benachbarten Österreich und auch Italien unternommen. Dabei stieß er auf urbane Orte, die auf den ersten Blick von der Abwesenheit der üblicherweise hier in sehr großer Zahl und dem vom Alltag geprägten Tempo sich bewegenden Menschen erzählten. Ein Einkaufszentrum in München. Eine Ansammlung von Containern. Der Großparkplatz vor der Allianzarena. Alle menschenleer. Auf den zweiten Blick aber strahlen all die großformatigen Detailaufnahmen eine tiefgründige Würde aus, ganz so, als wären die Orte selber die Akteure im Zeitgeschehen. Als würden sie in diesem eingefangenen Moment erst einmal ganz tief einatmen, bis in den Bauch der Städte hinein…. Mehr

9.3.2022 by Sabine Zaplin

Photographs by Michael Nguyen that reveal the 'special' things we might see on a trip to Europe

For those of us dreaming of European road trips this summer, a new exhibition of photographs by Michael Nguyen will inspire your travel plans. “By The Roadside” is a series that focuses on street and urban landscapes, architectural objects and the little details that make Germany, Austria and Italy unique.

13.1.2022 by Katy Cowan

Calmness in Sight

Artistic photography today moves quite differently than it did a few decades ago as a visual force and communicative intervention. This is amid an overflowing stream of images whose production, administration, and dissemination have long since run out of control of conscientious management. After film, television, computers, it is above all the smartphone that has catapulted us into a new visual age. Often, the challenge is to give the eyes an occasion to linger between their unsteady jumps from image to image. Michael Nguyen succeeds excellently in creating such an occasion with his photographs by creating clarity of vision and a challenge of interpretation through reduction and focus.

4.12.2021 by Prof. Dr. Rainer Funke

“Nature is within us” – Photo Paintings by Michael Nguyen in a permanent exhibition in the Greater Metropolitan Area of Munich

What is outside is no longer outside. Trees, forests, mountains, rivers, lakes. michael Nguyen has transformed these elements in his artworks into feelings, fantasies and dreams. They become part of our inner nature, part of the human soul. "Nature is within us", ten works of art are on permanent exhibition from now on at Gauting town hall (Munich area), Bahnhofstrasse 7 D-82131 Gauting.Through the subjective lens, Michael Nguyen gives all a new perspectives, a new soul. “Michael Nguyen's photography is the art of showing more than you can see. Making visible – worshipping the invisible, he walks with the third eye of a wanderer through the visual adventure of life.”


The power of design and the contradictions between art and lifeMichael Nguyen photographs Munich's most colorful shopping center facade 

The MIRA Shopping Center opened in 2008 in the Munich district Nordhaide. The West, North, and northern half of the Eastern facades, was made of colored lacquered metal panels which were placed on the walls to form prisms. Since the sides of the prisms have different colors, the façade appears from the southwest and northwest in different colors. In between, a gradual transition takes place, so that the building changes dynamically as one passes by. In addition to the colored panels, the façade also contains panels made of polished aluminum, which reflect the sky and surrounding buildings. The façade construction was awarded with the “DGNB Gold Award for sustainable buildings” in 2009. The shopping centre was planned by Chapman Taylor. The responsible project architect there was Ruprecht Melder. Léon-Wohlhage-Wernik Architekten was responsible for the façade design.

25.8.2021 by Prof. Dr. Rainer Funke

Michael Nguyen : La nature est en nous

Ce qui est à l’extérieur n’est plus à l’extérieur. Arbres, forêts, montagnes, rivières, lacs. Michael Nguyen a transformé ces éléments naturels de sa région résidentielle dans ses œuvres d’art en sentiments, fantasmes et rêves. Ils deviennent une partie de notre nature intérieure, une partie de l’âme humaine.


Allianz Arena, soccer stadium of FC Bayern Munich during the corona lockdown

A sunny day in February 2021 and a cloudy day (Easter Sunday 2021) during the Corona Lockdown in front of the Munich Allianz Arena, soccer stadium of FC Bayern Munich with 75,021 seats. It was the venue for the 2006 soccer World Cup. Where tourists and fans usually bustle about, craftsmen and employees work, the snack bar owners make preparations and cars are already parked in the parking lots at noon, there is yawning emptiness.


在孤独的街道上 | Michael Nguyen

迈克尔·阮(Michael Nguyen)自2007年以来一直居住在慕尼黑,自2018年以来完全致力于艺术。他是一位艺术家,而不仅是摄影师.他远离主流,与此同时模糊了流派。大多数时候,他专注于细小的,平凡的事物,但通过主观的视角,赋予它们新的视角,新的灵魂。


Michael Nguyen Memotret Bagian Depan Pusat Perbelanjaan Paling Berwarna di Munich

Pusat Perbelanjaan MIRA dibuka pada tahun 2008 di distrik Munich, Nordhaide. Bagian barat, utara, dan utara dari fasad Timur, terbuat dari panel logam berpernis berwarna yang ditempatkan di dinding untuk membentuk prisma. Karena sisi prisma memiliki warna yang berbeda, fasadnya muncul dari barat daya dan barat laut dengan warna berbeda. Di antaranya, terjadi transisi bertahap, sehingga bangunan berubah secara dinamis saat seseorang melewatinya. Selain panel berwarna, façade juga memiliki panel yang terbuat dari aluminium poles, yang memantulkan langit dan bangunan di sekitarnya.


Photographs of a German outdoor pool in winter promise of a summer like no other

There has probably never been a time in recent history that we've looked forward to summer as much as we do now. While we wait for normality to resume, photographer Michael Nguyen's latest series acts as a perfect metaphor to how many of us are feeling this winter.
His series, Gauting Outdoor Pool, offers a quiet reflection on the events of 2020 as well as beautiful images of a German open-air swimming pool, and all of its surroundings. Like the rest of us, this facility is on hold until the warmer months. Normally full of life and laughter, the serene pool has paused for breath: the reflections on its surface, bare nearby trees and floating dead leaves – they all give us a sense that, like us, the pool expects better days to come.A 50-metre sports pool that was officially launched on 25 June 1966 and improved considerably for the 1972 Munich Olympics, Gauting has seen many a famous swimmer grace its waters, including Mark Spitz (the 'Shark'), the former US swimmer who scooped seven gold medals that summer.Of photographing the pool during winter, Michael said: "First, it made me feel a little sad, a melancholic feeling like when you look at a beautiful but abandoned place. But at the same time, you feel calm, clear. Then comes this kind of epiphany, the moment you stop and reflect. Like the peaceful water surface. You see the world and yourself in the truest light."

18.1.2021 by Katy Cowan

Als Mark Spitz auf Medaillenkurs ging

Lesezeit: 2 min

Als Mark Spitz auf Medaillenkurs ging

Der Fotograf Michael Nguyen hat das Gautinger Sommerbad, in dem der legendäre Schwimmer für die Olympischen Spiele 1972 in München trainierte, im Winterschlaf festgehalten.

14.1.2021: Blanche Mamer

Gauting Outdoor Pool: Waiting For The Summer

“Waiting for the summer” is part of the ongoing series “By the roadside” by International Award Winning PhotoArtist Michael Nguyen. The photographer had the opportunity to capture the Gauting summer pool in the winter of 2020 before the first snowfall. He entered a fascinating world of water reflections.


Das Besondere im Gewöhnlichen

Lesezeit: 3 min

Das Besondere im Gewöhnlichen

Mit seinem Fotoapparat geht der mehrfach prämierte Künstler Michael Nguyen in seiner Heimatgemeinde täglich auf Motivjagd und erspäht dabei interessante und schöne Dinge, aber auch manche Hässlichkeit. Im Internet präsentiert er nun seine Bilderserien unter dem Namen "Heimat Gauting: Am Straßenrand".

25.10.2020: Blanche Mamer

Michael Nguyen shows us that our life is made of frames

We live in frames and we see this world in frames. Frames made of our flesh and bones, of our attachments & possessions. Frames made of social conventions, of our biases, of our prejudices. Frames made of our fear, hatred, and misery. They protect us, support us but also constrain and imprison us. They hold us back from seeing what’s true and what’s beyond the horizon of our mortality, of our limited perspective.But we can escape, we can break those concrete walls, reach out and touch infinity or something we don’t know yet. Because they cannot contain our wildest dreams, our larger than life imagination, our deepest hope, our unshakable faith, our truest compassion and immense love for someone. Those things set us free and then we can see the frames that we used to live in.The works in the series are in different styles. Some of them belong to the field of experimental photography. This stylistic device is also used to artistically elaborate the limiting frames in our lives, which have now been additionally imposed on us by Covid-19.


On the streets of Solitude & Interview 

Who says, streets are our most social lively spaces? Maybe. But they are also places of broken dreams, of empty selves, of collective solitude.Taken in the border triangle of Germany, France, Switzerland, the photographs of Michael Nguyen show gloomy cityscapes, cold and bleak: Empty benches on the sidewalks, a tired bicycle, walls covered with barbed wire. Sometimes, there are people sitting by, walking down, which doesn't make the streets livelier. The only sign of hope is children, who are pursuing their own activities without knowing what lies ahead in the future.


Photographer Michal Nguyen

Michael Nguyen is a photo artist and documentary photographer living near Munich, Germany. He takes photographs since 1988. He has been living in Munich since 2007 and moved to Gauting near Munich in 2015. After a long break in the cultural sector and after a sickness he has dedicated himself 2018 entirely to art again. He is an artist and a photographic poet who moves away from the mainstream, at the same time blurs genres. Most of the time, he focuses on small, ordinary things but through the subjective lens, he give them new perspectives, a new soul.

By the Roadside

Nguyensminiaturen Photography by Michael Nguyen Munich By The Roadside
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