Donate - Donate to realize exhibitions and receive a calendar with twelve motifs of your choice. You can choose the starting month.

Donate to realize exhibitions and receive a calendar with twelve motifs of your choice. You can choose the starting month.

In contrast to other art genres, remuneration for artistic work is not yet common in the visual arts. In most countries, visual artists are not paid for creating artworks and showing them to the public. The neglect of payment of artists reflects the traditional assumption that visual artists are usually paid through the sale of their artworks, which is long outdated in most art institutions.

The primary focus of institutions, district city halls, research institutes and others is not on sales, but on providing the best or most meaningful art experience for their visitors: a place where visitors can reflect, relax, challenge their minds, exercise their aesthetic senses and think about the artwork. Visitors don't go home with a physical painting or sculpture in their arms, but - having engaged their senses - with a greater experience.

Payment is the most obvious and common reason why people work - we don't usually even question this premise. The system is still based on the faint hope that this recognition will be enough to give the artist a higher market value so that they can sell their artwork in the future. Nowadays, it is common for artists to pay for all costs during the entire process of art production, from the initial idea to the finished artwork. Costs for printing the pictures, picture frames, transportation costs, advertising costs for posters and flyers etc. must also be borne by the artist.

Text with material from "Exhibition Remuneration Right in Europe: Pay the artist now"

The legal efforts to pay visual artists an exhibition fee have not yet been implemented across the board.

I would be very pleased to receive your donation to finance exhibitions. As a small thank you, I will produce a calendar with 12 motifs for you. You can choose the motifs you want. You can choose the starting month. The calendar is produced especially for you. Allow a delivery time of approx. 14 days.


Michael Nguyen | Nguyensminiaturen

Nguyensminiaturen, Photography by Michael Nguyen, Munich, Gauting, Architecture, Urban
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