Perfection in Blue-White
An extraordinary Architectural Ensemble in Munich

The BMW ensemble is a impressive work of futuristic architecture. It includes the BMW Tower, BMW Welt, BMW Museum, BMW Group Parking Garage and the TRIAS Bridge. BMW Welt is the most visited tourist attraction in Bavaria. In October 2015, eight years after opening, BMW Welt welcomed its 20 millionth visitor. View

Allianz Arena during the Corona Pandemic

Urban spaces and urban landscapes can enrich life between buildings. Sports facilities are places where outdoor social activities are possible and provide opportunities to enhance social life in the city. During the Corona Pandemic social interaction in urban landscapes with their spaces lay fallow. This series shows the forecourt in front of Munich's Allianz Arena, the 75,021-seat soccer stadium of FC Bayern Munich, during the Corona Lockdown 2021 in Munich. View

Werksviertel Munich - An exciting Urban Development Project with ephemeral Street Art

Michael Nguyen visited the Werksviertel in Munich in 2020, 2021 and 2022. His series about the Werksviertel in Munich, a beloved alternative scene for local artists and innovators shows a place which is going since years under modernization and was a creative ruin. Pfanni used to produce dumplings and mashed potatoes here. Now converted industrial buildings and numerous new buildings provide architectural exclamation points and a metropolitan field of tension. That is unique in Munich and is also alive with a diverse street art scene. View

The Power of Design and the Contradictions between Art and Life

When will the containers be loaded? Such a question comes to mind when approaching the shopping mall from a distance. But stop! The intense colors of the seemingly stacked cubes and their sophisticated composition immediately give rise to other associations. As if someone had created a special order out of building blocks. View

World in Reflection

In 2022 Munich celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972. This is the occasion to present the Gauting outdoor swimming pool which was reserved exclusively for the Olympic athletes in August 1972. Mark Spitz ("the shark") prepared in this pool for his 7 gold medals and world records. View
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By the Roadside

Nguyensminiaturen Photography by Michael Nguyen Munich GAUTING By The Roadside
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