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ArchiECHO featured Michael Nguyen’s Photo Project: Perfection in Blue-White. An extraordinary Architectural Ensemble in Munich
michael nguyen | prof. dr. rainer funke
Feb 4, 2023
Going towards Munich city center from the north via the motorway, you will pass Bavarian Motor Works (BMW) Headquarters with its striking, iconic four-cylinder office tower and the amphitheatrical "bowl" of the BMW Museum. Just then unfolds the gleaming, sweeping BMW World itself right before your eyes. Like a campanile tower in Italy, the buildings emanate a greeting, a bold statement to visitors: Munich is BMW City, and Munich is modern. Yes, one will be overwhelmed and admire its magnificence when physically there. But this imposing grandeur is not shown in the photos of Michael Nguyen, but the details of the exterior, the skin of a building landscape that he explores. He takes us very close and entangles us in the diversity of forms. Sections of the whole appear in a way that the unusual view almost paradoxically creates an extraordinary, surprising closeness as well as joy in the distinctive shape of the elemental.

When the BMW logo appears distorted or displaced in the reflections of glass façade and starts to flow like Dali's clocks, but still we recognize it effortlessly, we realize the indestructible strength of this classic trademark. …

Text by Prof. Dr. Rainer Funke

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