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ArchiECHO featured Michael Nguyen’s Photoseries: The colorful Facade of the Brandhorst Museum in Munich by Architects Louisa Hutton and Matthias Sauerbruch
michael nguyen
Nov 20, 2022
The Brandhorst Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art in Munich has a colorful facade designed in a total of 23 different colors, consisting of three different color families. A total of 36,000 square, vertically mounted ceramic rods are placed at some distance from each other in front of the concrete walls. Depending on the viewing angle and distance, the viewer is presented with different visual impressions. Architects Sauerbruch Hutton.

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Michael Nguyen | Nguyensminiaturen

Nguyensminiaturen, Photography by Michael Nguyen, Munich, Gauting, Architecture, Urban
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