Art and Documentary Photography - Loading By_the_roadside___3449_-_The_Hague_.JPG

Detail of the colourful metal entrance gates to the Dutch Ministry of Finance at Korte Voorhout 7 in The Hague.

Art and Documentary Photography - Loading By_the_roadside___3459_-_D__sseldorf.JPG

Architecture in Düsseldorf's Media Harbor. On the right, the colorful facade of the 16-story INSIDE Hotel in Speditionstrasse.

Art and Documentary Photography - Loading By_the_roadside___3101_-_Munich_(Nordhaide).jpg

Part of the facade of a shopping mall consists of aluminum panels in which the environment is reflected. The panels cast unsettled light reflections on the asphalt of the sidewalk.

Art and Documentary Photography - Loading By_the_roadside___3201_-_Leipzig_.jpg

The BioCube in Bio City Leipzig, a state-of-the-art office and laboratory building was inaugurated in 2013. A technology and start-up center in the field of biotechnology.The architecture firm Spengler-Wiescholek designed a striking four-story structure with an anodized aluminum façade clad in red tones. Part of an old house and Graffiti from a house opposite is reflected in the windows.

Art and Documentary Photography - Loading By_the_roadside___3062_-_Ismaning__.jpg

A half yellow, half white wall. A small window, a gutter on the right and a delicate tree with small red fruits casting its shadow.

Art and Documentary Photography - Loading By_the_roadside___3224_-_Dresden_.jpg

An old building is reflected in the panes of a glass facade of an office building.

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“By the Roadside” The Photographs by Michael Nguyen in a signed and limited Artist Edition
michael nguyen
Jul 1, 2022
The works by Michael Nguyen are not mass-produced or commercial goods. They are original Artworks. You will find Michael Nguyen's works only in these featured artist editions. His artworks are not sold as prints in the numerous Fine Art Print Online Shops and also not in Poster Shops and Department Stores.


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